Malindi Epistemophobic Cult

The Gnosophobic Death Cult with American Roots

An epistemophobic Christian cult in Kenya stands accused of killing 425 people, with some of the victims strangulated or clubbed to death, while others were buried alive in shallow graves. Most of the dead simply chose suicide through starvation. According to government statistics, children made up the majority of the confirmed deaths. Regarding nationalities, most of the dead were Kenyans, and the rest were Nigerians, Ugandans, and Tanzanians.

This cult started in 2003 as a new evangelical religious movement that preached about Oneness Pentecostalism, original sin, predestination, and the perseverance of Christian saints. It registered as a church called Good News International Ministries, a name that was used interchangeably with Good News International Church and the eponymous Servant P. N. Mackenzie Ministries (named after its founder, Paul Nthenge MacKenzie). By 2010, it had blended Oneness Pentecostalism with anti-feminism, anti-modernity, and Christian Identity’s racialized concept of the Serpent Seed. This paved the way for the adoption of the twin doctrines of the uselessness of bodily life and the need for physical annihilation so as to unite with Christ. These doctrines became a core teaching that justified their idea of fasting to death, hence their designation as a starvation death cult.

Gnosophia-org-Shakahola Exhumed Bodies Gnosophia
Exhumed bodies in Shakahola Forest in Malindi, Kenya. These are bodies of suspected members of the epsitemophobic cult that is the focus of this post. CREDIT: Standard Media Kenya.

In a strange twist of events, the cult is accused of working with government death squads that killed hundreds of Kenyans and buried them in land leased to this cult. Another accusation made by the Kenyan Police (against this cult) is that it was involved in human trafficking and human organ harvesting, but the Kenyan Ministry of Interior has publicly refuted these accusations. In this haze of confusion and deliberate red-herring, facts can be found through research and logical analysis of the theological teachings of this cult. what facts can be obtained and pieced together to unravel this tragedy?

One of the discoveries made by is that this cult has American roots and Americans were involved in this cult. However, this involvement is not being publicized by mainstream media (MSM) – both global MSM and the Kenyan MSM. This research by traces the origin of this cult, its adoption of American ideas, and how its irrational beliefs and dogmas led to morbid outcomes.

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