Holy Fiction

The Koran, Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), and the Canonical Gospels are works of fiction that billions of people across the world and throughout post-classical history have transformed into sacred books that established the 3 Abrahamic religions – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This is what defines the outstanding nature of these fictional works.

How is fiction transformed into sanctity? Does this transformation cause fiction to become reality? Does this transformation change the way people interact with reality? Likewise, does this transformation corrupt the study of natural reality? In other words, does this fiction-to-sanctity transformation corrupt the study of science? If yes, does this mean that science cannot co-exist with sanctified fiction? Contra-wise, can science co-exist with sanctified fiction? If yes, can science co-exist with religion? This also leads to another question: Is empiricism the only basis for gaining justifiable scientific knowledge?

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Before answering the above questions, there is a set of questions that need to be answered:

  • Have the Koran, Torah, and the Gospels been proven to be works of fiction?
  • If yes, how have they been proven to be works of fiction?
  • As works of fiction, can they be analyzed using tools of literary criticism, including deconstruction and post-structuralism?
  • By using the tools of literary criticism and historical investigation, can it be proved that Abraham either existed or did not exist?
  • If Abraham did not exist, how did he become the founder of the 3 Semitic Monotheistic Religions that are followed by billions of people?

In the psychological domain, why does fiction change the way normal human beings relate to reality? Can fiction cause some people to lose touch with reality? Losing touch with reality means losing touch with the surroundings, and this mental state is described as derealization. So, can the 3 Abrahamic religions cause derealization? If derealization is considered a mental health condition, can these 3 Abrahamic religions be classified as triggers of mental health conditions?

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