The Madman Who Founded Judaism

Judaism is an ethnic religion that claims descent from Abrahamic revelations. Scholarship has proved that Abraham never existed thus denting the claims of Abrahamic revelations. This means that all Abrahamic religions were invented, not discovered as their revelations claim. This raises a question, if these Abrahamic revelations have been proven to be false, then who – or what group of people – invented Judaism? How was Judaism invented? Was Yahweh invented or is he a product of De Novo Theogensis? Was Judaism invented before Jews existed or after Jews existed as a tribe? As an ethnic religion, why was Judaism invented? Where was Judaism invented? and what was Judaism invented for?

These questions can also be tied to Christianity. In DeHebraizing Christ: On the Apotheosis of an Ancient Non-Semitic Hero-King into Greater Yahweh, I explained that Christ was not Jewish and Christ was never Jewish and will never be Jewish. In Gnostic Rationalism, Agnōstos Theos, and the Aristotelian God, I mention that the Jews developed their understanding of Christ from the Zoroastrian heroes called Saoshyant who fight continuously against Angra Mainyu, the Lord of Evil. From the Persian Saoshyant came the Hebrew Moshiach, and just as Zoroastrianism describes 3 Saoshyant, Judaism describes 3 Messiahs who are Adam, David, and Moshaich with the Zohar rendering these 3 messiahs as ADaM the messiah (the underlined letters in Adam, David, and Moshiah are used to derive the identity ADaM the Messiah). I also mentioned that the Sethian Gnostics used this Judaized version of Christ to berate Yahweh as the devil. Nonetheless, both the Sethian Gnostics and Zoroastrians agree that Christ leads one to the undimmed light or the enlightened state of knowledge of reality. This concept of gaining knowledge as enlightenment was passed to Freemasonry through the medium of Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and Mystery schools that survived Christian censorships.

Christianity is considered to be Platonism for the masses while Second Temple Judaism can be described as Zoroastrianism developed for Semitic passions and mindset. Plato and Zoroaster are not Semitic people, but their semitized ideas have gained mass appeal since they were developed. How did this come about? Did the Semitic exegesits of Platonism and Zoroastrianism use better pedagogical methods to explain the ideas of Plato and Zoroaster to the simple people? Or did the Semetic interpreters of the ideas of Plato and Zoroaster dumb down these ideas and embellish them with magical thinking so as to appeal to the superstitious passions of Semitic people? To get answers, it is best to explain how Judaism was invented.

Who Invented Judaism?

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