On the Ascension of the Pure Soul

What is resurrection if not the elevation of man from his animal nature to divine immortality?

Revolution mismanaged is resurrecting Lazarus as Azrael. Lazarus is the benign potent force of the collective will of the people, and has been killed by the 3 murderers – Despotism, Ignorance, and dogmatic Fanaticism that values backwardness and stagnation. These 3 murderers are represented historically by Apophis the Hyskos, Agag the Amalekite, and Tirigan the Gutian. These 3 murderers do not value virtue, harmony, and purpose to live.

Didn’t the nomadic Hyskos choose Set, the God of Disorder, Backstabbing, and Violence, as their chief Deity? The opposite of the Despotic Apophis is the Lubavitcher Rebbe who on January 17, 1951, canonized his principle of the Three Loves into the One Indivisible Love. This indivisible love is expressed as the “Love of God, Love of Religion, and Love of Fellow Man“. Lacking any of these 3 Love means that one does NOT LOVE.

Hyksos Symbolize Sin

Winged Maat Gnosophia-org
Winged Ma’at. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia.

How did the Hyskos outsiders come to rule Egypt? The Hyskos, like sin, pleaded with the kind-hearted Egyptians to let them graze their herds on their fields and later turned against the naive Egyptians and staged an immigrant uprising. During the uprising, the Hyskos cruelly killed Egyptians, razed Egyptian cities, violently captured power, and publicly derided the Goddess of Justice – Ma’at – as the Deity of soft and naive people. The heqa khasut (Hyskos) lacked an awe-inspiring god of their own, and simply chose one of the Egyptian Gods as their own God, despite being racially and culturally different from native Egyptians. Still, they maintained immense hatred and extreme contempt for their host population.

Didn’t the Hyskos who entered Egypt as famine-affected refugees bring despotism, misery, and poverty into Egypt? Wasn’t hunger commonplace during the reign of the nomadic Hyskos? Didn’t the Hyskos conspire with the primitive Kush to weaken and destroy the Middle Kingdom of Egypt?

The followers of Ma’at value order, justice, harmony, truth, righteousness, and fraternity; but Ma’at is weak when Lazarus is no more. Lazarus has been killed by the Hyskos. The entire land of Egypt has been defiled by the Shepherd Kings. This is the power of sin corrupting the soul and defiling the human body, thus desecrating the Temple of God of which it was said “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God” (1 Corinthians 6:19). Sin kills as it is written, “who were dead in trespasses and sins”(Ephesians 2:1). Lazarus as the archetype of a human being dies due to sin.

“O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?” (Romans 7:24) is a cry for Personal Salvation for an individual, as well as National Liberation for a Nation. For the nation, the verse is read as “who will deliver us from this Tyrant who has destroyed our nation”. For a nation, accepting Tyranny is conceding to Sin. Fighting tyranny is fighting against sin and seeking eternity, for it says “take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:17), and what does the word of God say? It says: “You shall kill him (the Tyrant). Your hand shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people. You shall stone him to death with stones, because he sought to draw you away from the Lord your God” (Deuteronomy 13:9-10).

The shout of “death to the tyrant” should be followed by the public call “sic semper tyrannis” (thus always to tyrants). The Hebrew sages said, “Show no mercy to the cruel for if you are merciful to the cruel, you will be cruel to the merciful” (Tanhuma, Parashat Mezora,1; Yalkut Shimoni, I Samuel, Chapter 12:1). Chazal says, “You find that one who deals with them (the cruel) with the trait of mercy, in the end comes to disgrace, battles, and troubles. Who is this?” (Bamidbar Rabbah 21). This is the Egyptians who let Hyskos graze in their lands. For them, this verse was written, “You are not to seek peace or prosperity from them as long as you live” (Deuteronomy 23:6).

The alliance between Hyskos and Cush represents Sin empowered by Ignorance. The despot Shepherd King sits on the Throne of Egypt, declaring himself the ruler for life and setting his Hyskosite son to inherit the throne. This is sin taking tyrannical control over the body, soul, and mind; seeking to cut man from immortality, seeking to crush the soul under the unbearable weight of despotism, injustice, and despondency. Who is this Hyskos King? This is the antecedent of the anti-messiah whom the Jews call Armilus, the false messiah who talks of non-existent salvation for individuals and nations.

Ignorance and Cowardice

Lazarus is dead and his body – with the left leg crossed over the right leg – lies in Beth-anu, the Abode of the Dead. Humanity has been left under the savage care of a cruel step-father named despotism, and his 2 wives – the 2 step-mothers – named ignorance and cowardice. His eyes shut, Lazarus, cannot see the Lights of Justice, Liberty, and Fraternity. The dying flame of philosophy on the torch of science is growing dim in the Temple of Knowledge.

Soon, the Light in the Temple in Abydos and Busiris will go off, and the 2 Temples of Osiris will fall silent because their members were taken captive by the Hyskos. For lovers of Freedom, Listen and Take Heed. There is wallowing in the Temples in Ombos and Avaris. Their dark priests driven by their dark intentions welter jubilantly in the dark chambers during the moonless nights. “Why are they jubilant?” an Egyptian child asks. It is because the Hyksos believe that Seth will reign unperturbed.

Gnosophia-org-Gnosophia org 337px Heinrich fueger 1817 prometheus brings fire to mankind
Prometheus brings the Fire of Knowledge to Mankind: PHOTO CREDIT: Heinrich Füger (1817).

Where is Prometheus to bring the fire to light the torch held by Lady Liberty? The warriors of extremism, clad in black robes, are emerging from the dark voids of ignorance. Who’s going to seal the void? The followers of Christ now cherish ignorance, defend despotism, and sanctify cowardice; they have turned their gaze firmly towards Azrael and Apophis, they are now lovers of the depth of darkness. Their will for Liberty, Charity, and Fraternity has been turned against them to become their 3 inhumane prison guards – Tyranny, Voraciousness, and Betrayal. The 3 murderers rejoice that they have killed Seqenenre Tao (the son of Ahmose the Elder) as instructed by Apophis the Despot.

The earth cries, “Where is the Christ to resurrect Lazarus?”, and Isis (Wusa) cries, “Where are the brave men to help Christ and I resurrect Lazarus?”. “The Christ is coming, but he has no army” the Sage answers. I answer the sage, “Christ should resurrect Lazarus who will then create an army of brave soldiers, their souls flaming with the white fires of holy hatred against the 3 murderers. We will join them to avenge the death of Lazarus. We will become Ahmose, son of Seqenenre”. What is the secret Holy word that the resurrected Lazarus will utter to summon soldiers to the Holy Cause? There is but only one word, and that word is Revolution. The sage interjects, “but before we have a revolution, we need to resurrect Lazarus”.

Gnosophia-org-Expulsion of Hyksos Gnosophia
Expulsion of Hyksos by Ahmose and Kamose, the sons of Seqenenre Tao. PHOTO CREDIT: Ambrose Dudley.

The Imposter Christ Summons Azrael

Three join the convocation. It is the convocation summoned by a supposed Christ so that he can resurrect Lazarus after the Temple has been cleansed of the impurities of the Hyskos. But there is a problem. Where is the Master of the Secret? It is revealed that Apophis had him killed, for this master is none other than Seqenenre Tao Ahmose, whom the wise King Solomon called the father of Hiram Abi(ff), the chief architect of the Temple of God.

The supposed Christ grips the right hand of Lazarus and whispers to his ear the name of Typhon, and behold!!! Lazarus has arisen. Isis sees him, and is shocked and bewails; “This is not Lazarus, This is not Lazarus!!! What have you done? You are not the messiah? This is not Lazarus who has arisen, this is Azrael”. Isis wails in agony, “woe to us for we have an impostor messiah as the head of the convocation of alchemists, prophets, and philosophers summoned to perform the resurrection ritual!!! The alchemist has resurrected the lead as gold. Has this messiah ever turned water into wine? If he cannot transmute material matter into a higher state, then how can he resurrect the dead?”.

“Praise be to Osiris for withholding the secret word that gives life to the dead. Truly, had this impostor messiah gotten hold of it, he would have destroyed the community. It is no coincidence that this false messiah used the wrong word, a word that summoned Azrael into the body of Lazarus!!!”, explains Wusa.

There are no coincidences for the righteous. The profane thinks that events can happen by chance for they have not learned from the God Thoth that chance is but the name given to a law not yet fully recognized. It is no coincidence that Azrael has risen. Don’t you understand that Azrael is the name Lazarus that has been reversed (i.e spelled backward)? It is the Angel of Light turned into the Demon of Darkness. This is the revolution for peace resulting in unimaginable violence. Who are demons if not angels dressed in black robes of darkness?

Azrael, the Angel of Death, kills both the wicked and the righteous. Azrael manifests as the reign of terror instituted in France when the Jacobins sent revolutionaries, bourgeoisie, and aristocrats to the Guillotine. It manifests as the Bolsheviks, who under Joseph Stalin, sent millions of kulaks, revolutionaries, and dissenters to the death camps known as the gulags.

Don’t you understand that Azrael is the name Lazarus that has been reversed (i.e spelled backward)? It is the Angel of Light turned into the Demon of Darkness. It is the revolution for peace resulting in unimaginable violence.

Antony Kagirison

The God Set drives a spear into the mouth of Apophis. Apophis is the representation of the Hyskos Mind. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia.

Beware of an impostor messiah just as you are cautious of co-opting Amalek in the Holy Revolution. It is a sin to co-opt Agag, Apepi, and Tirigan in a revolution for they are the impure husks (Klipoth) that cannot hold the Divine Light. These husks hold the dark waters of death. So, why would you want them to water the Tree of Life? They turn a viable revolution into a moot revolution, just like the vain attempts by Japheth, Shem, and Ham to resurrect Noah!!! Despite using the correct hand grip and uttering the Secret Word of Life, Noah was never resurrected because the Divine Sparks could not raise his Nefesh which was soiled by the dark waters. This is the Taiping revolutionaries initially working with traitorous triads to realize a revolution in Guangxi. Haven’t you read: “For part of God is his people” (Deuteronomy 32.9) and contaminating his people is creating cosmic contamination that feeds evil? Working with Agag and Apophis is always a mistake. Even Set speared the spirit of Apophis in the underworld!!! If the God of Chaos considers these 3 murderers to be bad, why should anyone seek an alliance with them?

Is Nachash the Serpent of Reason?

The priests of the Temple of Thebes have made incantations to exorcise Azrael. Azrael’s spirit flew out through an opening in the middle of the roof at midnight. Lazarus’ body slumped down – dead and without light; but with the right leg now crossed over the left leg. The convocation does not know the Secret Word of Life. For this reason, they send out the magi to find the word needed to raise Lazarus to Life. This is the attempt to raise Colonial America into the Great Nation of America, to raise the decaying Middle Kingdom of Egypt to the New Kingdom of Egypt, and to raise the destroyed Second Temple of Solomon to the Third Eternal Temple for all Humankind.

The magi return with good news: “We have traveled far and wide, spoke to sages of the kingdoms of the earth, and were directed to the wise men of Ur in Sumer, the advisors of Hammurabi, the ruler of Babylon. These wise men welcomed us and reminded us of the Sumerian workmen who helped build the first stepped Pyramids in our lands. They committed themselves to help us, and they revealed to us that we need to find the Messiah who has been ordained by the primordial serpent. This Messiah will be a military leader who will endow magical powers to the word REVOLUTION”.

“What is this primordial serpent?”, a Prophet asks.

Gnosophia-org-Agnolo Bronzino The adoration of the bronze snake Google Art Project 27465014 gnosophia org
Adoration of the Serpent of Reason. PHOTO CREDIT: Agnolo Bronzino.

“It is the Primordial Serpent of Reason that whoever looks at it is cured of the poisonous bites inflicted by the snakes of ignorance and fanaticism” the Magus answers. It is the Bronze Snake raised on the Pole of Science that brings comfort to the Poets, Philosophers, and Artists trapped in the wilderness of ignorant populations who have elevated King Despotism and Queen Corruption into the status of Gods.

The number is 358. Nachash, the primordial Serpent is the Messiah just as Pharaoh is the Messiah. How can Nahash and Pharaoh be Messiahs? Come and Learn from the Fountain of Life that quenches the Thirst for Knowledge, for it is written in its Plaque, “anyone who resurrects the soul of man is a Messiah”.

So, what should we do? We should strive to achieve the full resurrection of Lazarus.

The Gory Sight

A half-resurrected Lazarus is a gory sight; it is a revolution aborted halfway. It is the Taiping revolutionaries being comfortable in Nanjing instead of uprooting Aisin Gioro in Beijing. It is King Saul sparing Agag the Amalekite (1 Samuel 15). It is Utu-Hengal sparing the lives of Tirigan and his royal house.

A half-resurrected Lazarus ultimately falls down in thunder. It is intoxication with the early triumphs of the revolution only for the revolution to fail in despair, the will of people exhausted, and the power of tyranny half-destroyed. Without Christ, the people become resigned to their fate, to be ruled by the Shepherd Kings.

“Woe to a society that accepts the rule of Amalek, Hyskos, or Tirigan!!!” wails Sophia. It is of this society that Albert Pike speaks of when he says, “The people live in hideous degradation, squalor, wretchedness, and destitution. Ideas are ignored, and of progress there is no thought. This populace has two stepmothers – Ignorance and Misery. Want is their only guide, for appetite alone, they crave satisfaction”. It is Qing China under the Xianfeng Emperor, it is the late Middle Kingdom of Egypt under Apophis, and it is Uruk under the Gutian dynasty. The unenlightened people voluntarily accept tyranny, and its elders accept to be despised by alien invaders. Shouldn’t the people rejoice when the armies of the Tyrant lose a battle? They should rejoice for the loss on the foreign battlefield is progress attained for them. To paraphrase the words of the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, “killing the oppressor kills 2 people – the oppressor and the oppressed”. How is the oppressed killed? Simple, when the oppressor dies, the oppressed is relieved of oppression – oppression dies. Death of oppression means the death of the oppressed person who is now resurrected as a liberated person. This is the secret of the resurrection of Lazarus.

When is Man Least Evil?

“What should be done to resurrect Lazarus?”, asks a Cherub.

“Rise up early in the morning and go kill Apophis and Tirigan. Be the heroes like Mordechai who killed Haman. Don’t make the mistake of Ahmose and Utu-Hengal who let Apophis and Tirigan live after the battle. Ahmose gave Apophis new opportunities to steal the secret word that opens the gates of eternity. Kill them before the noon sun, secure the Divine Orchard called PaRDeS, and proceed to resurrect Lazarus”.

The sages of Ancient Egypt said that man can be either good or evil because both essences are in him, and he has Free Will to choose which essence to manifest. His goodness radiates as light similar to the Radiant Light on the Face of Moses after he spoke with God (Exodus 34:30). What about the evil deeds of man? The evil of man is the shadow cast on the Earth by the light rays of the moral sun. “So, when is man least evil?”, asks an inquisitive worshiper. The priest of the Temple in Thebes answers: “At midday when the noon Sun is at the Most High, and there is no shadow that man casts on the ground”.

The Messiah Has Been Found

Freemasonry resurrection lion grip gnosophia-org
“By this grip, the spirit in man, long buried in the sepulcre of substance, is raised to life, and the candidate goes forth as a builder entitled to the wages of an initiate”. PHOTO CREDIT.

The Messiah has been found but he has to be veiled by the Magi for the assassins sent by Apophis and Tirigan are out to kill him. The messiah rides on a donkey. “Why should the messiah ride on a slow donkey rather than a fast horse?” a philosopher asks the Magus. “The donkey represents a stubborn ego, and whoever conquers his ego is said to ‘be riding on his donkey’. This is the donkey that Ahmose rode after defeating Apophis, it is the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:5)”, the Magus answers.

The magi bring the Messiah safely to the convocation in the Temple where Lazarus’ body lays still and cold. “He looks disfigured, the skin of his right hand is peeling off”, the Messiah remarks. “An impostor messiah sent by Thaumiel had fooled us to allow him to lead the resurrection ritual”, answers the Priest of Amen-Ra. “Let us start the resurrection ritual. We do not need the Master of the Word for I know the Secret Word of Life”, the Messiah says and leads the Holy Ritual.

Rejoice for Lazarus has been resurrected, he has been raised to a higher state. It is the resurrection of Colonial America as the Democratic Republic under George Washington. It is the death of the Dark Ages in Europe and from its corpus arises the Enlightenment. It is the resurrection of the Apocalyptic Essene Judaism as Christianity. It is the resurrection of Christian Rosencreutz (whom the Rosicrucians consider to be Lazarus of Bethany).

Let Religions Evolve, Let Laws Evolve

Learn from the words of the Holy Priests of Thebes who reconsecrated the Temple of Hope, Justice, and Progress after the overthrow of the Shepherd Kings of Totalitarianism, Indignity, and Despondence. The priests said, “If thoughts make man, then man should create new thoughts from old thoughts. If a man thinks of only what the dead men have said, then he dies with them despite him living in a human body. This man has been turned into a living golem”. Let religions evolve, let laws evolve. “Tradition is peer pressure from dead people”, Laura Greenwood said in Fangs of Nothing.

Of what use is a religion that has become unresponsive, sclerosed, and ossified because of its fastidiousness to Tradition? I say, let the living resurrect this religion for there is one fundamental law of creation and that is the law of evolution. The resurrection of old ideas as new ideas is evolution, it is man helping God recreate the world.

We should not forget the words of the epigrammatist, Edward Osborne Wilson, who said in 2009 that “we have human beings with paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and God-like technologies”. Let us resurrect ourselves into images of God. Let us learn from the sages and apply their knowledge to decipher the meaning of the Sphinx. The Sphinx represents the resurrection of the animal soul (the nefesh which I call Lazarus’ body) as the divine soul (neshama or resurrected Lazarus) whose wide-opened eyes can contemplate the divine. What is resurrection if not the elevation of man from his animal nature to divine immortality?

Resurrection is baptism to immortality. It is a successful revolution that ushers in the Messianic age.
Gnosophia-org-Gnosophia org Museo Egizio di Torino 631 o
Egyptian sphinx represents the transformation and refinement of the soul of man. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikipedia

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