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Gnosophia.org is the website for the community that advocates the following principles:

  1. God is the Supreme Source of existence. God is not a being nor a process nor an idea/concept. God has no gender but can be described in gendered or gender-polarized terms. God is the source of the unconditioned reality but is not the unconditioned reality because God is not a reality.
  2. The Bible is a profoundly human book created by human beings who based their writings, traditions, and ‘revelations’ on earlier written works composed by Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Greeks, Persians, Old Babylonians, Elamites, and earlier near-eastern (and adjoining) civilizations.
  3. Torah is not holy, neither is it Good nor Moral. Talmud and Kabbalah are human works created to explain the Torah so as to achieve social control. If Yahweh is the Toxin, then Gnosophia.org is the Detoxicant.
  4. There is no written Book of God. God has never dictated any commandments or history or myth to anyone in history.
  5. Gnosophy is NOT gnosticism NOR hermeticism, though the three schools of thought share some logical ideas.
  6. Everyone who is cognitively capable is duty-bound to recognize, study, and commune with God. This is the basis of metarational logocentrism, which is one of the five theophilosophical pillars of Gnosophia.org.
  7. Prophecy does not exist, and ‘prophecies’ are neither accurate nor binding.
  8. Angels and demons do not exist.
  9. There will be no resurrection of the body.
  10. Messiah/Christ is an invented concept, and Jesus ben Mariam (Jesus, son of Mary, or Jesus of Nazareth) likely never existed. According to Antony Kagirison, Christ is simply the ideal human being before undergoing apotheosis.
  11. Everyone is duty-bound to protect his/her/their natural rights, liberties, and freedom, as well as promote good for themselves and their communities.
  12. Tyranny, injustice, and despotism must be opposed with all the will, rhetoric, and physical strength that a person/community/society/nation can muster.

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